I recently relocated to FL from NY when I got my first speeding ticket. I immediately called one of my friends and they recommended me to Mindy and said she was great. I called, provided all my information and didn't have to worry about anything while handled my case. It was ultimately dismissed. I would recommend Mindy to any of my friends and family!

Gabriela N.

I've been Mindy's client for many years. Every citation I've received have been dismissed. Great customer service. Will recommend to anyone!!!

Chris V.,

Definitely the best, I'd take no delay to recommend her to everyone who drive on the nation's roads.

Maurice B.

This is definitely a MUST GO TO attorney for your traffic tickets. Mindy is so friendly and informative. Her and her staff answered all of my questions and made sure I was well informed of how everything would be handled with my tickets. My family has started using her and everyone has been pretty pleased with the results. You can call them anytime and they will always get back to you. Sometimes I don't even leave a message and I still get a call back!! I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a friendly lawyer who will make sure you get the best possible outcome for your tickets. I haven't had to use her for anything besides tickets but she also does Criminal Defense which I tell EVERYBODY about.

Daniella C.

Mindy has been taking care of my entire familys traffic issues for the past 20+ years. Started with me and my wife and then my kids. Mindy is part of the family. Always have been very pleased with the professional and family like attention and of course excellent outcomes. I highly recommend the law offices of Mindy Sohn.

Arthur S.,

Mindy Sohn and her team has been truly amazing for not only myself but friends and family. I can honestly say that over the last 20 years my driving has improved dramatically but it always wasn't that way. I depended on Mindy more than I would like to say and everytime it felt like I got a second chance. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this office and it's truly the reason why to this day I recommend her whenever I know someone who can use her services. I highly recommend anyone that finds themselves in need for her services, take the time and give her a call. THE BEST IN THE BUISNESS!!

Robert H.

I've been using Mindy Sohn for years!!! She gets all of my tickets dismissed!!!! Great office! Great communication!!! Hands down.... BEST lawyer!!

Suzette G

I have used Mindy Sohn,esq for nearly 20 years, whenever I have had a traffic related issue. I have always had positive outcomes and have recommended her to all my friends and family. Ms. Sohn is an expert in her field and always communicates with you. She is a caring individual who really puts your mind at ease when a problem arises. She is a consummate professional.

Marcy M.

I can't say enough good things about Mindy. She is extremely compassionate, real, and super down to earth for an attorney. Call her if you have a traffic ticket or criminal case. Thank you Mindy for taking the time to sit down and discuss my case in full detail.


Good attorney, got the job done no questions asked!

Nathan B.

Been here twice excellent service got two tickets dismissed also referred my cousin

Kadeen S.

For well over 25 years Mindy has successfully had all my citations dismissed with no points. She is the very best!

Cedric P.

Never a problem or issue with attorney Mindy Sohn when it comes to traffic citations in Broward County, Florida. I've been dealing with her for years - never a point - never had to attend traffic school. Great communication and friendly service from staff as well."

William L.

Hired her for a moving violation. Paid the fee. That's it. Ticket was dismissed. I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO NOTHING. No court costs. Nothing. I have used other attorneys and ended up paying for court costs plus fees. Thank you for your service.

Jeff R.

Mindy is great I have been coming to her office for many years and have always worked out for the best. Thank you! I recommend her for any traffic citations.

Eduardo P.

I have been using Mindy for over 20 years and she has helped me with all my tickets and even a more serious case. She is THE BEST!! She has gotten all my tickets dismissed and her office is awesome! I refer all my friends and relatives to her and everyone has been thrilled with her service and expertise. I would never use anyone else!

Mary Lambert

Was a very happy and satisfied customer!! Would use again (hopefully not!) 10/10 and would recommend 10/10

Yung Young

Always quick efficient and effective. I get a traffic-cam ticket mailed to me, fax it to Sohn's office the next day, call them up with my card number, a couple weeks later I get the notice of dismissal in the mail. NO traffic-cam company's ever getting my money NO WAY. Thanks Mindy and associates.

John Baker

I have called Mindy to represent my teenage son. Both Mindy and her staff were very professional, helpful, and suceeded in clearing my son's driving record! I highly recommend MindySohnLaw.

Michele Ross

Have used 3 times, always with success. Points removed!

Regan Tate

I've been coming to her since I started driving & every single ticket I've ever had she's got dismissed! If any one can get the job done, it's her!

Doriz Blanco

she is the BEST! every citation i've ever received she's had dismissed. 6 out of 6. even 2 at one time. she's batting 100% with me. totally recommend!!

The BizzMoneyB

She's the best. Office staff is amazing and kind.

Jon Andress

I had 12 tickets in one year no points no school and no court cost best traffic lawyer ever

Jay Rodriguez